5-step programme.

I know, I know. It’s nearly 5am and I have a photoshoot tomorrow. Fun. Brain won’t shut down. Shoulders feel like they’re on fire from typing, but I saw this and it bothered me.


Quoted from her main page: “Get well with the 5 essentials: alkalizing diet, graded exercise, restorative sleep, stressor reduction, and believing. I did it so can you!”

This really bugs me. Less than 10% of all ME/CFS sufferers ever recover fully, regardless of what regiments and lifestyle they adhere to. How many of us have tried one, more or even all of the above in a desperate grasping attempt to get our lives back? It seems cruel to claim that just because one person was able to overcome it, that all of us can.

Of course, I’m not trying to piss on anyone’s bonfire. If you are determined to try everything, good for you. But it’s unfair to make recovery sound like it’s a given if you just follow this simple set of instructions. We can’t all be part of that 10%, and it’s disingenuous to suggest that we all are, or even might be.

I believe in hope. But I don’t believe in false hope. And I don’t like being made to feel like a failure because those “remedies” haven’t worked for me yet.


~ by surprisingme on March 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “5-step programme.”

  1. I had someone trying to sell me a “cure” by starting her e-mail by “Let me get your hopes up.” I thought it was the rudest thing ever! Maybe your product will help … a little bit … but don’t try and get my hopes up to make a buck.

    On a side note, Dr. Bell noticed a recovery rate of 80% eventually getting better. I don’t know the actual number, but we have to hold onto hope, too (easier said than done).

    PS: I’m Shelli, nice to meet you!

    • Hey Shelli, thanks for dropping by 🙂

      I think the 80% statistic includes people who experience a partial recovery. I’m not saying recovery isn’t achievable, I just don’t appreciate someone trying to trivialise it. It’s a long, hard road to recovery from this condition, and there’s nothing simple about it!

      Fancy doing a link exchange? I had a read of your blog, and I’d like to pop it in my blogroll.

      • Thanks, I linked to your blog from mine, too!

        I handed out a “Happiness Award” to some of the new CFS bloggers I’ve recently met. It’s a nice way to let others get to know you. Mind if I nominate you as well? Visit my blogs for details.

  2. Once again, you’ve said what I feel.

    I’ve tried to tell others “I am not without hope, I hope for an effective treatment, I hope for a cure. However, I no longer “expect” one – and refuse to have my life on hold (or spent endlessly searching) – when I could be spending my “good time” doing something I want or need to do.

    I stay informed. If some great treatment comes along, I’ll hear about it. In the meantime, I’m done with trying everyone’s idea of what I “should” try. Been there, done that – it didn’t help. I’m busy living the life I do have.

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