Mmm, cake.

Today’s been a good day. I managed 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, which was glorious, considering I’ve been capping at about 2 hours for the last two weeks or so. I had a very relaxed day of doing not very much at all, Birdie came home from school and did all his chores (and some of mine) and got ready to go to his father’s for the weekend without even being asked, let alone yelled at, which is a vast improvement on our usual routine.

After the drop-off of the child, I got it into my head that I wanted to bake something for the housewarming party I’m going to tomorrow night, and before I could stop myself, I’d set out all the ingredients for chocolate cupcakes with coffee frosting. Wisely, I opted to leave the frosting part ’til tomorrow – by the time I’d finished baking the cakes themselves, I was battered (pun intended), and capable of not much more than making a cuppa and hauling myself up to my room, where I’m now sitting up in bed with the smell of warm cake wafting up the stairs. Yes, I’m exhausted. But it was totally worth it.

I often bake for parties, even more so when it’s a party with new friends, or people I don’t know well yet. Aside from enjoying being the person who brings something interesting (rather than being one of those people who bring a 6-pack of Strongbow or a jumbo bag of Winegums), I like to leave people with the impression of me as “funny, smells of cake,” instead of “boring, smells funny.” I am of the opinion that cake makes everything more interesting, including the people who make it, and on that note, I’m off to watch Julie & Julia to see Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe winning performance as Julia Child, and Jane Lynch doing a stellar job in the role of her sister.

Goodnight folks! Have a relaxing weekend. And some cake. G’wan. You can thank me for the suggestion later.


~ by surprisingme on March 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Mmm, cake.”

  1. Sounds great. I love baking for people too. I hope you are not too whacked today.

  2. Yum! My kids baked a cake yesterday … and ate all but one tiny piece before I got to it! I thought they were going to save it for dessert (since it was only an hour before dinner), but alas they did not. Serves me right for not paying more attention!

  3. I love to cook and bake, too, but it can be really tiring.

    Sounds like you haven’t had found effective treatment for your CFS sleep dysfunction? Getting good sleep every night makes such a big difference! I recently wrote a blog post about correcting sleep dysfunction:


    • I’ve been suffering disrupted sleep since long before the other ME symptoms began (something like 8 years now). Unfortunately, I have a history of substance abuse, so finding anything that my GP is allowed to prescribe for me is a long and complicated process. We’re working on it. Thanks for the link though, will have a read when I’m a bit more awake.

      Thanks so much for dropping by! Glad to have another reader 🙂

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