Maybe later.

It’s been a ridiculously long drama-filled weekend. Will have to catch up here sometime when my body and brain arent made of goo. Maybe this “one post a day” rule is a bit much for me to keep up with.


~ by surprisingme on March 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Maybe later.”

  1. I could never keep up with one a day! I post when I’m up to it, that’s that. Drama is never good for CFS. Rest up and take care of yourself, because that is always rule #1.

  2. Yeah, post when you feel like it. I know that brain goo feeling. Hope it passes soon.

  3. Hi! I found my way here through Shelli’s blog. Welcome to the CFS blog world! There’s a wonderful, supportive community here.

    I’m a Mom, too, of two sons, ages 12 and 15, who both also have CFS, as I do.

    Don’t worry about keeping up with a post a day – most of us can’t keep up with reading that many anyway! Just post when you’re able to and when you have something to say.



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