This morning, I recieved a decent-sized cheque, relatively speaking. It’s not the most money I’ve ever had at once, but it’s a lot. Enough to make life a whole bunch easier for at least a few months. I’ve been waiting for it since last June, so I have a good long list of things that need to be paid for and paid off, and I can’t tell you how delicious it will be to pay off my credit card bill in full this month. I really can’t. It’s been basically maxed out for coming on three years, and it’s not a small card by any stretch of the imagination. It will also be incredibly pleasant to not have to worry about creditors knocking on the door for a while, chasing all bills that my ex-fiancĂ© left for me. Truth be told, once the debts are paid, there won’t be all that much left, but it’ll be enough to treat myself to one or two luxuries that have been denied to me since I’ve been unable to earn any kind of reasonable wage.

What made me laugh most was, after going to the bank and popping the cheque in, the first thing I went and bought was my monthly supply of vitamins. I sure know how to live, don’t I? After the bank and the health food store, I dropped myself in a cab home via Starbucks, and told the driver to keep the change. I don’t often get to behave like a rockstar anymore, so doing little things like that are like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dull week. It’s amazing how short-term financial security can improve one’s mood.

I used to feel guilty about enjoying money that came from the death of a relative. Why should I enjoy myself when the deceased in question is no longer able to? But no amount of money in the world will bring Grandma Lil back from the dead, and she would have wanted me to have fun with it. And buy handbags. Lots of handbags.


~ by surprisingme on April 26, 2010.

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