So, I don’t know if it’s the B12 shot working, or if I’m just having a good week, but damn, I got a lot done today!

I started slowly, and totally slept through Birdie leaving for school. I had hoped to be awake, since he had an exam he was nervous about today, but as it turns out, he nailed it (he always does). I got out of bed around 10am, and after an hour or so of waking up, I decided to move some furniture.

Now, moving furniture around my house is generally an entertaining exercise. My house is like Tetris; there are just enough pieces of furniture to fit exactly, and moving them requires spending a reasonable amount of time with a tape measure, a calculator and an industrial vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, three pieces of furniture were moved, not just moved but swapped with each other, and I am rather pleased with the end result, especially as it brings us one step closer to emlinating the bedbug situation. Job done, I decided to treat myself to lunch from my local Starbucks, and on a whim, wandered into Argos to see if they had any super fantastic deals on small TVs, as I’ve been after one for my bedroom ever since I’ve been sleeping in this room alone, around two years now. I had no intention of actually purchasing one, but the right deal jumped up and bit me, so I bit back and bought it. And then carried it the half a mile home, on my own, with my lunch under the other arm. Yes, I had to stop at least 6 times, and yes, the chap from our local corner store did have to carry my coffee for me the last 20 yards after I stumbled and very nearly coated myself in it, but I did it.

And so, glowing with pride, I chowed my lunch, had a shower, changed my bedsheets, paid some bills, and then napped for just shy of an hour until my brother interrupted me with a phonecall about RF cable (don’t ask).

I have done more today than I usually get done in a week, so I’m feeling good not only that I got stuff done, but that I was able to get stuff done and still have time left over to be nice to myself. Of course, being nice to myself was watching Glee and Australia’s Next Top Model while eating takeaway pizza, but still – it was nice, and I felt good.

The diet isn’t going so well – after an initially good start – 4lbs in a week – I have since put half of that back on. I still don’t like what I see in the mirror, and I practically have a phobia of touching my own body, but it’s early days. And if the B12 shots are actually doing the business, then I may have to start putting some extra things into my exercise routine.

I could get used to this. But I won’t, because disappointment is starting to get boring.

(PS. The brain fog has rather set in, and this is a dull, pointless post. And I just got up from my chair to get something from downstairs and forgot what it was before I even got to the top step. But don’t worry, I’m going to bed as soon as I’ve finished my tea, I promise.)


~ by surprisingme on May 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Redux”

  1. No, I’m very entertained and chuckling about the bed bug situation. Bummer.

    I’ve just posted a comment on someone else’s blog about raised hopes and disappointment, which is why I don’t try treatments other than pacing and resting. It will be interesting to see if you crash from all this activity, but how wonderful to have a bit of normality. And a new TV.

    I can also relate to the weight loss/gain thing. I just abandoned my regime and with it all control has gone out the window.

    More posting please. I love your cynicism.

  2. I shall do my best 🙂

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