Who are you?

I know, I know, I’m not posting a lot these days. My brain is totally fried at the moment, I have about 6 million things to do, and the time it takes for most people to take a dump to get it done in. I’m not juggling life all that well at the moment, I’m sleeping spectacularly badly, and I keep letting people down. Including you guys, which I’m very sorry for.

Two quick things though, before I disappear back into my swamp:

1. My mother is interested to know if any of the other ME sufferers reading here suffer from unusual skin issues. She and I have both have a tendancy towards rashes (her significantly more so than me), but it’s never mentioned by medical proffessionals as being part of the illness. Anyone else noticed an increase in rashes and skin problems since onset?

2. And this is a bit more personal: I’m thinking about diversifying the journal a little, and posting a bit more about life in general, not as related to the ME. Is that likely to be of interest to you folks, or will I just be flapping my lips to a bored audience?

Take care, chums. I’m going back to my cave for a few days.


~ by surprisingme on May 18, 2010.

6 Responses to “Who are you?”

  1. I’ve always had a bit of eczema, but I don’t think it’s CFS related. I do think that Sue over at Learning to Live with CFS has talked about rashes before; I don’t think it is uncommon. She’s the one to ask!

    I’ve always compartmentalized my blogs: CFS, writing, recipes, and a secret family blog that I don’t make public. I may just be left-brained like that. I do think that real life spills over into CFS blogs simply because CFS spills over (or takes over!) real life. I think it is nice to read about more than just CFS, because we are more than CFS and it’s good not to be so fixated on it.

  2. I know just what you mean – I’ve been feeling snowed under and overwhelmed lately too. No worries about blogging regularly – we’ve all been there and we all understand.

    As for the rashes, they may mean that you have some other underlying medical condition in addition to – or even instead of – ME. Lupus has symptoms very similar to CFS/ME but with rashes – there is a screening blood test for it.

    The other possibility is Lyme disease or another associated tick-borne infection – these are often difficult to tell from ME and often include various types of rashes. Lyme and its co-infections occur all over the world – there is plenty of it in the UK – and it is often misdiagnosed as CFS (and most people who get it don’t even remember a tick bite). Lyme is also a known trigger for CFS, so you could have both.

    You and your mom should see a doctor and ask to be tested for these different possibilities. Lots of people suffer needlessly with ME misdiagnoses when they actually have other, more treatable conditions. It’s definitely worth looking into.

    Good luck and let me know if you need more information.


    P.S. As for the blog, you should write about what is important to you – we’ll read it!

  3. We’ve both been tested for Lupus, so pretty sure it’s not that. And we’ve both seen plenty of doctors, believe me 🙂

    I’ve had all kinds of tests run recently, but mum’s doctor is a bit lax with keeping up with the new tests and so forth. She’s working on getting a new GP, but she’s afraid of offending her old one (I know, I keep telling her she needs to get over that one, bless her). I’ll have to check with my GP if I’ve been tested for it – she showed me the list of all the tests she’d done once, but I couldn’t keep it in my head for very long!

    Thanks for the info!

  4. Hi,
    I was going to say what Sue said, only she said it so much better than I did. I don’t get rashes. There are lots of things with cross over symptoms, like some sorts of arthritis, and Lyme, that give you rashes, so I would pursue that with your doctor.
    As to other issues in your blog – it’s an entirely personal choice. I like to read about them because CFS affects everything anyway. And I write about them for the same reason.
    Hope you don’t flounder about in the swamp too long. Or the bog for that matter!

    • Oh, I’ll be back on fine form sooner or later, that’s for sure. I have no intention of stopping blogging about CFS, I just might throw in the extra posts from time to time.

  5. Definite on the rash issues. I’ve learned to use them as part of my barometer – my indicators of “Uh-oh, I’ve got to quit trying to push for awhile.” They come and go, disappearing more quickly when I do take them for a warning and rest.

    When I first became ill a lupus-like butterfly appeared on my face. It brought permanent changes to the skin texture though few notice it unless it flares red and itches – which it does as part of the “barometer system.” Yet lupus was ruled out back then (though I cannot go a day w/out a Rx anti-inflammatory.)

    Rashes were (are?)listed here in the US – at least they were 20 years ago when I got sick.

    As for blogging on other topics, why not? We’re far more than our illness – focus on whatever you want to when you post 😉

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