Fingers crossed…

I think I might love my GP. She finally succumbed to my cries of distress regarding my sleep issues and has given me a handful of temazepam. The theory is that if I get one or two good nights sleep, it’s kick me into a different cycle, and I’ll be able to get a bit more sleep even when I’m not taking it.

I completely abused my credit card on cosmetics today, which was probably naughty, but unbelievably satisfying. I don’t spend anywhere near enough time on my appearance, as I usually don’t have the energy for it, and don’t see the point, but I have a serious nail varnish and hair dye habit, and sometimes looking good is easier to do that feeling good.

Still have a ton of stuff to get done before the party. I’m pottering through it at a reasonable pace though.


~ by surprisingme on May 26, 2010.

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