I knew I was skirting around the edges of overdoing it. I knew that. But it was a friend’s birthday, and I’d not left the house in over a week, so I went out yesterday.

It was the first time in ages that I’d misjudged my capacity so much that I had to leave significantly earlier than I’d planned to. I don’t wish that I’d not gone – it was fun, and I needed to see people – but dear God, I hurt today. The plan is for Birdie to go to a friend’s house for the day so I can recoup in peace. I have a busy few weeks on the horizon, and I need to preserve as many spoons as possible.

In other news, I appear to have bought a car. I suppose all that’s left now is for me to learn how to drive the darned thing.


~ by surprisingme on July 4, 2010.

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