So, you might notice an awful lot less of me for the next two weeks. Somehow, I’ve managed to book myself on TWO holidays. First up, this weekend, is a festival with my brother. Now, I’ve not been to a festival in 3 years, and the last time was a disaster, but I’ve made my brother promise to scrape me out of the mud and take me home if everything goes horribly wrong. Fingers crossed for no rain, and no drama.

The weekend after, I’m off to a convention, which is luckily in the same city I live in, and should be a lot more relaxing, as it’ll be in a proper building with walls and plumbing and cooking facilities and so forth.

Both weekends will be excellent fun, I’m sure, but I only have one and a half days rest between them, and then only 3 days rest before Birdie starts high school. At this point, I’m expecting to spend the better part of September sleeping.


~ by surprisingme on August 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “AWOL”

  1. A festival AND a convention?? Wow, you’re brave! I haven’t attempted either since getting CFS – that kind of standing around and slow walking is just too much for my OI. Sounds like fun, though!

    Have fun and take care of yourself –


    • I must admit, I am very nervous indeed about how I’m going to manage it, but I’ve not had an opportunity to go away for a while, and I couldn’t choose between the two events. On the up side, if I have to bail out of the con, I won’t be losing any money, so at least I won’t feel too horrible if I can’t make it.

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