Cast and crew

Here’s a list of people I’m likely to talk about in my blog. Since I use some bizarre psuedonyms for some people, it’s worth me making a list. Partly for my own benefit, so I don’t accidentally use someone’s real name while in the midst of brain fog.

Birdie – This is my son. He’s about to hit puberty. That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Joy – This is my lovely mother, another ME/CFS sufferer, and also one of my best friends.

Dr. Kat – This is my lovely, sweet, but a bit clueless and nervous, GP.

Rae – My BFF, who is soon moving to the other side of the country. Also a chronicly ill person, but in very different ways to me.

Larry and Kitty – My brother and his estranged wife. Trust me, they’ll come up sooner or later.

I’ll add more as they appear.


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